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About the Working Beauceron Association

Working Beauceron Association, Inc. was born out of a very simple idea - provide a place for Beauceron fanciers to celebrate and promote the working Beauceron. Since 2022, we’ve been proudly supporting our working Beauceron owners throughout North America.

Motivated by a passion for the endurance, strength, and intelligence of the Beauceron, we strive to preserve the working Beauceron by supporting and aiding breeders committed to this endeavor. At the Working Beauceron Association, we hope to provide events to showcase our dog's abilities, seminars to educate our owners and breeders, and a collaborative association to bring us all together in pursuit of preserving the working qualities of this breed.

The Working Beauceron Association, Inc. is an incorporated Non-Profit Corporation and is a tax-exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)(3).

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We are AWDF Guest Members!

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