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Beaucerons at Work

Click on any of the activities below to learn more about the different things Beaucerons can do.


IGP (formerly known as IPO/Schutzhund) is a challenging three part sport: tracking, obedience and protection.

French Ring

French Ring Sport is a dog sport involving obedience, jumping and protection.

Mondio Ring

Mondioring has a series of exercises to be executed by the dog/handler team in the categories of obedience, agility (jumps) and protection.


Herding is the original job of the Beauceron and consists of the dog moving various type of stock through a course or performing ranch work.

Search and Rescue/Recovery

Search & Rescue/Recovery is the volunteer effort of humans and dogs looking for lost or missing humans.


Detection is the process of using a canine to seek out an item of interest. This could be explosives, narcotics, bed bugs, or even animal droppings for conservation!

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