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Beaucerons in Search and Rescue/Recovery

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Search & Rescue/Recovery

Beaucerons have been conducting Search and Rescue/Recovery missions all over the world since World War 1. In the two World Wars, Beaucerons were used for many military and police jobs throughout the wars but at the end, they were utilized to seek and find lost soldiers.

Since the end of World War 2, Beaucerons have continued to be utilized in Search and Rescue/Recovery. Their endurance, athleticism and happy-go-lucky attitude makes them great candidates for the SAR field.

In the United States, multiple Beaucerons have been and are currently certified as wilderness and/or FEMA Search and Rescue/Recovery K9's. One notable Beauceron was O'Cara Bleue de St Sacrement "Cara." She was a FEMA K9 with Florida Task Force II who was called out to search at Ground Zero when the World Trade Center was attacked in 2001. 

SAR Certification Agencies

Some certification agencies that Beaucerons are or have been certified with.


FEMA US&R Task Forces







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