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About Working Beauceron Association, Inc.

To the preservation of the exceptional working qualities of the Beauceron

We set up Working Beauceron Association, Inc. in 2022 to provide an outlet for the working beauceron and its owners. Borne from passion and brought to life through purpose driven ambition, this association strives to see the Beauceron thrive as a working partner. While we may still be in our beginnings, our commitment to the preservation of the overall picture of the beauceron as a working partner is clear and paramount.

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In the News

Congratulations to Galen Dudzik and Desoto for winning Best in Journée at our very first Journée in Chino, California!

Rahm Kota de la Bergerie d'Elan VSWI

Sire: Obi-Wan Kenobi Des Gardiens d'Apollinaire

Dam: Lacoca de la Bergerie d'Elan

Breeder: Amandine Gastal

Congratulations to Ashley De Noma and Sega for winning Best Female in Journée at our very first Journée in Chino, California!

Armored Rose Have You Blown On It v Wanderlust

Sire: Orin du Murier de Sordeille

Dam: Dee Dee Warrior Soul

Breeder: Jill Rose

Perpetual Hoax du Stuyver Veld

Beaucerons at Work

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