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Awards & Achievements

2024 Awards & Achievements

Third Place & French Ring II

March 23, 2024

Ohanko Noir du Vaillant Feu CSAU FR1 PSA-PDC and his owner Nicole Hardy achieved the first leg of their French Ring II title as well as a third placement at the SCABR French Ring trial.

Score: 278.4/300

SAR Certification

March 18, 2024

K-9 Rescue Me Rowan du Vaillant Feu PT DCAT SAR-W TT DSA CGCA TKI and his owner Caitlin Bailey recertified in Human Remains Detection for the third time through NAPWDA.


February 25 2024

Tahoe Blue du Joie de Vie PDC and his owner Lilli Kreck achieved their PSA PDC title.


Obedience: 54.5
Protection: 70.5
Total: 125

TITLE: Herding Trial Arena Dog III - Sheep & Cattle

January 28, 2024

CH Severus Dozo du Mont des Croisettes HSAdsc HIAs HTAD-1scge HTAD-IIcsge HTAD-IIIcs STDsd FSSs and his trainer Dana Rochet achieved their HTADIII-s & HTADIII-c titles. Congratulations to his owner Brooke Nelissen!

Score: 87/100

Score: 91/100

Score: 89/100

Score: 73/100

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